Video Tutorials

Click on the links below to be guided through an AAUW Site Resources video tutorial on the following topics:

  1. Adding a Post
  2. Adding Images
  3. Adding a Page
  4. Embedding a YouTube Video
  5. Adding a Link
  6. Adding Permalinks
  7. Adding a Subpage
  8. Scheduling a Post

Editing Tips

  1. Add content from the monthly suggestion e-mail to an existing web page or post
  2. Create a password protected page
  3. Pay Pal Support
  4. How to Compress PDF Files
  5. How to improve search engine results
  6. “Rules” and things to know about a new domain or changing an existing domain
  7. Photo Tips

Adding and Edit Links

A link is used to navigate from one website to another (external) or from one page within the same site to another (internal). There are a couple of ways to add links to your website. Follow the guidelines to :

  1. Add an internal link to your posts or pages.
  2. Add an external link to your posts or pages.
  3. Add a new document and link from your website.
  4. Add a list of links to a sidebar.
  5. Edit a list on the sidebar.
  6. To customize the links in your navigation menu, follow these guidelines. (NoteCustom Menus support tutorials will be added in the future). You need to be a “super editor” to add the customized link to your menu. If you do not have super editor status, please contact the AAUW Site Resources manager.

Other Resources

Please contact Site Resources if there are further topics you would like to see published under our tutorials section.

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