Add an internal link to your post or page

The WordPress editor makes it easy to add hyperlinks from one page or post on your website to another. For example, you may want to share some photos you put up earlier this month on your website with members

1. Suppose your website has a page called Gallery and you want to link to it from an event page you are working on. Open the event page and highlight the text you want to link.


2. Click on the “Insert/edit link” icon.


3. You can either copy and paste the direct URL into the link box or search for the page in the link box.


For instance, if you want to link to the Gallery page, simply begin typing the name of the page and pages or posts containing letters or words you’ve typed will appear. Scroll down and select the desired page.


The Gallery page URL will be automatically inserted.


4. Click the “Apply” button. The highlighted text will now appear underlined and blue to let you know that it is an active hyperlink.


6 apply

5. To save the changes and publish your page, select the “Publish” button under the publish toolbar on the right. If you were editing an existing post or page, you will see “Update” instead of “Publish.”

7. Publish

6. Go back to your website. You have successfully added an internal link to the “Event” page.