Editing Tip: Add a Password to Content

How to Password Protect Content

  1. Decide which pages should be password protected.  This might include information that should only be available to your current members.
    • Newsletters with contact information
    • Yearbooks
    • Branch financial Reports not to be confused with banking information
  2. From the Dashboard, choose pages or posts
  3. From the list, hover over the name of the page or post name that should be password protected. Choose Quick Edit.
    Quick Edit
  4. Enter the desired password in the Password text box and click Update
  5. Verify the page is now password protected.  The post name will have Password Protected next to it in the pages list.
  6. To remove a password: follow the same steps 1-4 but delete the password from the password field in step 4, instead.

To read some questions you might receive related to password protected content, read this post.