Edit Links on the Right-Hand Sidebar

Now that you know how to insert links, you may want to edit how link categories appear. Suppose you want to change the “AAUW national” link label on your right-hand sidebar to “AAUW national website.”

1. Log in with your username and password.

2. Go to “Links” on the left-hand section of your dashboard and click “All Links.”


You will see the list of all links. Currently, there is only one link: “AAUW national.”


To edit the link name, hover over “AAUW national” and click “Edit.” To delete the link completely, click “Delete.”


3. Type in the new name, “AAUW national website.”


4. If you want to update a URL to point to a different web address, you’ll need to enter a new address in the “Web Address” box. If you want the URL to point to someone’s e-mail, then enter mailto:email_address in the Web Address box. E.g., “mailto:someone@gmail.com.”


5. To save the changes, click the “Update Link” button under the Save toolbar on the right.