Does your website tell your AAUW story?

Are you inundated with content and yet your website is out of date? Would prospective members know when you are holding your next meeting? Does your community know how they can become involved with your initiatives?

AAUW Site Resources is your website solution!  States and branches can maximize membership communications, retention, recruitment, and fundraising efforts online in an easy, cost-effective manner.

Using the WordPress publishing platform, AAUW Site Resources

  • simplifies state and branch websites;
  • is low maintenance and user-friendly;
  • delivers a consistent, professional experience;
  • integrates content updates from AAUW national;
  • incorporates advanced functionality such as newsletters and events management to have a dynamic web presence;
  • provides a centralized infrastructure and updates; and
  • offers dedicated customer service

To learn how AAUW Site Resources can ease the burden of maintaining your state and branch websites, contact site-resources@aauw.org or sign up for a free, no-obligation website review.