May 2018 Content Suggestions

1. 2018 AAUW National Bylaws Amendment Vote

The AAUW National Board of Directors has voted to put three proposals for bylaws amendments before the membership for a vote this spring. In the voter guide you’ll read about proposed bylaws amendments that the AAUW Board of Directors strongly supports. We believe that passing these measures will help keep AAUW vital as an organization and enable us to increase our impact in advancing equity for all women and girls

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Voter’s Guide
Bylaws Vote FAQ

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Image Caption & Alt Text: AAUW members vote for critical changes to the bylaws. Cast your ballot now in the 2018 AAUW national bylaws amendment vote.

2. Bylaws Amendment Vote Message from AAUW Board Chair Julia Brown and CEO Kimberly Churches

The AAUW National Board of Directors has voted to put three proposals for bylaws amendments before the membership for a vote this spring. AAUW Board Chair, Julia Brown, J.D., and Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Churches discuss their support of these proposals.

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3. State of the States: A Globally Competitive Workforce Starts with an Equitable Workplace

Every year, at the start of their respective legislative sessions, governors across the country deliver their assessments of the condition of their states. They offer esteem for outstanding achievements among their citizens or groundbreaking triumphs within their legislature, each one assuring that their state is progressing in a positive direction. In addition to recounting the successes of the previous year, the addresses offer an opportunity for governors to speak on any legislative concerns and present a strategic plan to support statewide improvements in these policy areas.

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Image Caption & Alt Text: Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds speaks with Iowa Public Radio’s Morning Edition host Clay Masters about her transition to be the next governor. 5/2/2017 Photo by John Pemble


Many of you have spoken and we’ve listened to your requests to make your sites more legible and web accessible. The font size on Site Resources sites has been an issue for some time. As a solution, we will be updating the default style sheet and enlarging the standard font sizes on our sites at the end of May. This could affect your sites in a number of ways.

HTML headline code (<H1> through <H6>) should be used specifically for headlines on a page, and are not intended to make text larger or bold. Headline code helps define the structure of a page, highlighting the most important content with a <H1> heading and so forth. Search engines use header code to determine page structure for search engine optimization (SEO). If you have created a page uses headline sizes to format content, this will change the display of your page. This could also rearrange any graphics displayed and the alignment of other elements. We strongly suggest all headings be tagged written in either H2, H3 or H4 with the body of your content tagged in paragraph font size. Note, page titles on Site Resources websites are <H1> by default so you should begin with heading <H2> to show diminishing importance.