Content Suggestions (June 2016)

Your New and Improved Leader Essentials

We’ve made it even easier to access the resources and tools you need to be an effective AAUW leader.

For AAUW, leadership is critical not only to our mission to empower women and girls but also to the way we carry out that mission. To support member leadership at all levels, AAUW national seeks to provide members with the tools and resources to make them the best leaders they can be. Now, we’re making it even easier to access the resources and tools you need.

The United State of Women

On June 14, the White House will convene a summit on key gender equity issues to celebrate what has been achieved and how we can take action moving forward. AAUW National has invited 25 members, supporters, and students from across the country to attend the summit and represent AAUW. We will be spotlighting those attendees on Twitter soon and posting updates throughout the event on social media. Engage online at #StateofWomen and stay tuned on June 22 for a wrap up of AAUW’s participation in the event.

June is Women in Science and Technology Month

More than ever before, girls are studying and excelling in science and mathematics. Yet the dramatic increase in girls’ educational achievements in scientific and mathematical subjects has not been matched by similar increases in the representation of women working as engineers and computing professionals. Just 12 percent of engineers are women, and the number of women in computing has fallen from 35 percent in 1990 to just 26 percent today. AAUW’s research, Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing asks why there are still so few women in the critical fields of engineering and computing — and explains what we can do to make these fields open to and desirable for all employees.

Title IX Anniversary (June 23)

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in U.S. schools and ensures all students have access to education. Unfortunately, its work is not done. Get the facts about Title IX, know your rights, and find your local K-12 Title IX coordinator.