Content Suggestions (July 2016)

Advancing Their Education, Serving Their Communities: AAUW 2016–17 Fellows and Grantees

 AAUW’s fellowships and grants have provided more than $100 million to more than 12,000 women and projects from 140 countries since 1888.





Register for the 2016 Supreme Court Wrap-up Call

 Our annual Supreme Court Wrap-Up call will be on Tuesday, July 19. Reproductive freedom, access to health care, and affirmative action were on all the court’s schedule. Registration is free to all members, but members must RSVP. We’ll discuss the Supreme Court’s term and analyze decisions that will impact the rights of women and girls across the country.

Share Your Comments on the Public Policy Program 

The AAUW Public Policy Committee (APPC), chaired this year by Karen Francis of Missouri, is accepting comments on the AAUW Public Policy Program until July 25. Your feedback as a member is critical to a successful revision of the PPP.


AAUW Honors Sen. Harry Reid as 2016 Title IX Champion

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in U.S. schools and ensures all students have access to education. Unfortunately, its work is not done. Get the facts about Title IX, know your rights, and find your local K-12 Title IX coordinator.

AAUW marked the 44th anniversary of Title IX on June 23 by hosting our annual Title IX Cupcakes and Champagne celebration on Capitol Hill to honor Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) as the 2016 Title IX Champion. We recognized Sen.  Reid for his dedication to improving educational opportunities for women and girls.

Members! Here’s How You Can Get Involved with Campus Leadership Programs

Is your AAUW branch or Younger Women’s Task Force chapter looking for more ways to strengthen your connection with colleges and universities in your area?

Do you want to help local students develop vital leadership skills?

AAUW’s national campus leadership programs are great tools to help you do just that, and now is the time to get involved!

Other upcoming dates

July 2016

July 18-21       Republican National Convention **

July 25-28       Democratic National Convention **

July 19-20       Anniversary of the Seneca Falls, First Women’s Rights Convention

July 25            Public Policy Program survey closes

July 28            ¡Adelante! book discussion with the author of Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War

July 31            Marion Talbot’s birthday

August 2016

August 1          Fellowship and Grant applications open

August 1          Campus Leadership Program applications open for National Student Advisory Council and Campus Action Projects

August 14        Social Security anniversary

August 18        Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

August 23        Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

August 26        National Women’s Equality Day

September 2016

September 8   Congressional Voting Record released

September 15 The Simple Truth updated

** AAUW Vice President of Government Affairs Lisa Maatz will be attending both conventions as well as 20 other AAUW members who are convention delegates.

Follow AAUW on Twitter (@aauw) and Instagram (@aauwnational) for live action from the events.

How to compress pdf files?

Site Resources websites receive 350MB of web space. It is recommended to compress PDF files before uploading into a media library.  To compress PDF files, I suggest using or The website contains a free tool that will compress your PDF file significantly without impacting the file’s quality.

When you compress the file for example “May-2016-Newsletter.pdf” using, it will append “.compressed” in the filename and the file will look like “May-2016- Newsletter.compressed.pdf”. Make sure to remove “.compressed” and rename file to “May-2016- Newsletter.pdf” before you upload it to your media library.

If you have a newer version of Acrobat Reader installed on your machine, you will also see an option to reduce your PDF file size. Go to Document > Reduce File Size.

How to improve search engines results?

WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, there are a few simple yet powerful practices that will make a site appear higher in search engine results:

  1. “Content is king” for optimization. Search engines don’t care how fancy sites are, but the quality and relevance of content counts. When you write any content, think about key phrases or words someone would use when searching your information. The actual content should be arranged in a logical and visually pleasing manner. And, the copy should be rich in keywords. You can use those keywords more than once, but not in every sentence or so.
  2. Once search engines index your new site, and your contents have keywords then only the site will start displaying in queried search results. However, this does not necessarily mean you’re going to be on the first page of search results.
  3. Highlight informative content or keywords on your website using headings and sub-headings (h1-h6) or a bold tag (<strong>…</strong>) but don’t overdo it.
  4. Inbound/outbound links help to improve search results. Link to relevant pages on other websites relating to that topic and also with websites with high page ranking, but do not link every page to another site. Outbound links help search engines understand your focus areas. Similarly, you can make request to other relevant websites to add your content link to their page. You can share your website content on social networks to increase inbound links.
  5. For image files, use a meaningful name. For example, a picture related to equal pay day can be named “Equal pay day 2016.jpeg” instead of “IMG1001.jpeg”. Site engines can read it if someone searches with keywords such as “Equal pay day”.
  6. Use the alt tag and title tag for images and links on your site. Images are used to entice visitors to read your content and these tags strengthen the message. The alt text describes what’s on the image and the function of the image on the page. For example, if you have an image that’s used as a button to register for an event, the alt text would say: “button to register for AAUW state conference.”
  7. Make sure that your HTML code is clean. Errors in code may prevent a search